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7 Deadly Sins Of Guaranteed Rent
The 7 Deadly Sins
Of Guaranteed Rent

Avoid the painful mistakes made by other property owners and outsmart the unscrupulous providers.

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"65% of landlords state their income from property is less than 25% of their household income. The median annual gross rental income is around £7,500 with costs consuming most of this leaving just 5% of landlords receiving a profitable income from renting."

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Designed With The Reluctant & Accidental Landlord In Mind

Being a landlord is tough at the best of times and the property market is constantly throwing new challenges at you that can often dent your passion for this business.

We totally understand, having been a landlord ourselves, which has been a driving force behind the development of this Total Guaranteed Rent Scheme.  Our objective is to bring more love and attention into a market that does an amazing job of serving people.

So let’s see how our company can do that for you.

3 Reasons To Partner With Us On Our Rent Guarantee Scheme

  • You Get Paid On Time, Every Time
    • Whether it’s Landlord Rent or Agent Fees, say goodbye to monthly voids, even if the property is empty, and get your monthly rent paid every month.
  • Your Property Is Looked After With Assurance
    • So Tenants, Landlords and Estate Agents can finally be proud of the properties they live in and represent.
  • You’re Financially Better Off Than Insurance
    • It’s a more reliable and profitable revenue stream that gives you more time to focus on what’s important to you.
Landlords Happy About Rental Assurance

Examples Of Property Transformations

Bedroom Renovation

bedroom refurb before on hmo with 2n property bedroom refurb after on hmo ensuring rent received is 100%

Room Converted To Shared Living Space

multiple occupancy house living room before work lounge refurb after works complete that ensure rent was always received

Bathroom Overhaul

bathroom refurb before on property bathroom refurb after 2N finished

Who Should Be Considering Guaranteed Rental Income & Condition Assurance

Any landlord or property investor with a typical flat, apartment, house or more unusual properties that want to be hands free can make use our service.

We handle both single units that can be used as serviced accommodation as well as larger multiple occupancy (HMO) properties.

We typically work with property owners that appreciate their involvement with letting could be transformed, which usually means they may have;

  • too many void periods costing them money.
  • problems with more than one tenant.
  • maintenance and repair costs increasing out of control.
  • been on the receiving end of poor agency service.
  • tired properties that require greater amounts investing into them.
  • become a landlord by accident or have reluctantly taken it on.

If you’re new to lettings with a recently refurbished property or already have a property that lets well and you generally have a good relationship with it, then we probably won’t be able to help you and you’d be more comfortable with a typical letting agent until your circumstances change.

Our services are fully managed, not just typical property management, meaning we take care of absolutely everything, from transforming your property to finding a prospective tenant and undertaking maintenance, which if you’ve had any of the problems we mentioned earlier, then this can work very well for you.

If you’re not sure that 2N is the right provider for you then please have a read of this direct comparison to other providers where you may find some significant differences in the benefits that you can achieve by working with us.

Maybe you need a little more convincing of the numbers, well, please read this article comparing our service to rent guarantee insurance for landlords which should demonstrate some potential financial advantages.

When compared to a traditional insurance policy it clearly shows how you could benefit financially by as much as £10,000 over the next 5 years. You also have the peace of mind knowing your property will be maintained above the industry standard for general residential lettings and you will receive a fixed guaranteed income.

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If We Could Transform Your Rental Experience And Create More Freedom & Financial Stability

A Two-Sided Guaranteed Rent Programme That Works For Everyone

We look after both our landlords and tenants which makes us the UK’s favourite guaranteed rent provider.

Each landlord gets a contract (guaranteed rent agreement) with a professional corporate entity (ourselves) which gives you more control than a standard tenancy agreement and makes us effectively your combined professional tenant and property manager.

2N Property then pay you a fixed rental income each month and invests time and capital in your house and provides cover for running costs like utility bills, council tax and maintenance.  To ensure your happy with the way we are handling your property we also perform regular property inspections and provide updates on its condition to our landlords, to demonstrate our consistency and commitment.

Our focus is on servicing the well-paid working tenant who receives a high level of accommodation designed to inspire excellent levels of social standards meaning the property is better looked after and other people are respected.  Because of this, our business model is a hybrid, which optimises the performance of properties and goes beyond what the average managing agent does.

Why not give our promise a try with confidence, safe in the knowledge that if things really aren’t working after 6 months, then you won’t be tied into a lengthy contract that isn’t working and have peace of mind that your property is in safe hands with property experts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Guaranteed Rent

Our head office is based in central England which is where we launched our Birmingham rent scheme and support lettings agents with rental protection, later branching out into our Coventry income and property protection service.

Now that it’s been perfected, working alongside the great people in this industry, we’re offering this UK wide and we’d love for you to join us and get the guaranteed rent customer service you deserve.  Our staff are ready to help you, so please get in contact today with our team to begin the process.  We’ll do an initial analysis and provide you with a proposal of rental valuation and more details.

As members of the PRS, who are effectively our ombudsman and have the powers to fine our business if we don’t do things correctly we hope you’ll feel a little safer dealing with us. 

Before we finish this topic off we’d like to leave you with a selection of articles (some from our blog at the very bottom of this page) which may be useful in your quest to pick the right solution for your problems;

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If We Could Transform Your Rental Experience And Create More Freedom & Financial Stability
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